WECC Stand Together events are aimed to bring our members together and provide a voice for those negatively impacted by irresponsible energy development. 


If you would like to learn more about our upcoming events please view them below or email energywildife@gmail.com for details.

Merlin Tuttle discusses bats and wind energy
May 27, 2021

World-renown bat researcher, Dr. Merlin Tuttle, discusses his history with wind energy and the significant impacts of turbines on bats. Dr. Tuttle was joined by Teresa Nichta who is a co-founder and operations manager at Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation. Follow Dr. Tuttle's work at www.merlintuttle.org

Krogh: Wind turbines can harm human
April 29, 2021

Carmen Krogh spoke at the April 29th WECC meeting where she discussed her latest study on why people have decided to vacate their homes and whether those decisions were tied to the proximity of wind turbines. 

Emmerich: Nevada in the green crosshairs

April 1, 2021

Kevin Emmerich, a founder and director at the Basin and Range Watch, explains how aggressive renewable energy policies at the federal and state levels are driving the destruction of Nevada's natural beauty and wildlife. 

Maryland Stand Together

March 8, 2021

Local farmers, community members, & conservationists interact with experts on land preservation, energy proposals, & planning. We will be discussing the issues & the options for siting solar in a way that maximizes benefits, minimizes negative impacts, and avoids community conflict.

UK Stand Together

December 10, 2020

In this virtual event, we learn how the 500 mw Sunnica solar proposal will impact farmers, villagers, and the sensitive environmental areas Worlington, Isleham and other surrounding communities. Hear from experts on wildlife and heritage.

Towns impacted: Burwell to Snailwell, Newmarket, Freckenham, Worlington and Isleham.